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How Much Do You Know About The Room Three?

Published: 2015-11-12 14:20:16 | Clicks:36 | Author:

Do you like to play The Room Three Game? If so, how much do you know about it? Here we will share with you one of the popular mobile video games news - The Room Three.

As we all know, the Room was amazing and surprising when it was first delivered, so was The Room 2. Now the third installment builds on the past games and brings an unbelievable level in mobile game marketing.

The Room series is a bit of a puzzle box itself. It revolves around finding objects and the places to put them, and yet it manages to turn that basic concept into something haunting and creepy. The touch interface is rather simple, and every moment makes players feel clever and imaginative. The Room Three is composed of several elements that look like they shouldn’t fit together, but actually they combine into something mesmerizing.

In The Room Three Walkthrough, you are tasked with solving plenty of puzzles. The whole game is a mystery solved through these virtual / physical puzzles and make you move to solve for the next clue. Set some time aside for this one, you won’t want to stop playing it.

The Room’s core concept remains a constant delight. The Room Three continues to broaden that focus, making players explore a series of themed rooms and pull apart all manner of puzzle cubes and other exotic clockwork gadgets. For example, in the The Room Three review, a small thrill ran through me every time I coaxed a puzzle box open and revealed the key item I knew would unlock something on the other side of the room. The game is one long scavenger hunt, but it’s so well paced that it’s difficult to find a good spot to take a break.

There is another player sharing with us his experience. While I’ve always enjoyed The Room’s haunting atmosphere, I’ve never completely understood its narrative. The third entry tries a little bit harder by sprinkling in a series of letters which was written by The Craftsman known as a mysterious figure, which hint at the secrets of an unseen world and a mysterious element called the Null. However, even after finishing, I had trouble understanding its story without a refresher. The thin narrative isn’t memorable, but it makes it easy for newcomers to jump right in without playing the previous entries.

The Room Three is filled with interesting moments that will have you stoking the fires of a forge to melt gold into a series of unique keys, manipulating mechanical animals to reveal their hidden compartments, and using a giant telescope to discover the secrets in the stars. It feels less like an emulation of a puzzle box and more like a traditional adventure game, and the game also has a rich atmosphere and a series of clever puzzles.

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