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Have You Tried the The Beggar’s Ride?

Published: 2015-10-26 16:06:36 | Clicks:286 | Author:

One of the top app games on app store, the Beggar’s Ride is worth your trying. This game puts you in a puzzle platformer where you need to unlock four unique powers that tie into various puzzles you will come across.You will unlock the ability to control the rain, cause earthquakes, shift part of the earth, and more during your journey. Imagine god like powers hidden in masks scattered around the world, and a lowly beggar discovering one of those masks. Sounds crazy? But actually it is interesting. Now, install the Beggar’s Ride for ios to your iphone and start the “journey”!
The Beggar’s Ride comes with a detailed storyline that develops the basis for the world, why the powers are in the masks, and details of how the beggar is more than meets the eye. It’s a relatively compelling narrative that keeps you progressing through the large world. There’s a deluxe graphics design to depict the creative world that includes two styles as you shift from the main world to when god powers are activated. It’s a highly polished presentation with a lot of color variety as you go further into the game. The puzzle platformer style is what really matters, and the game does a good job of introducing puzzles tied to your god powers. You can rotate the screen with two fingers to roll objects, drag a special colored section of the world to open new sections, and drag two clouds on top of one another to create rain. Of course, when you get stuck in the game, you can find some The Beggar’s Ride cheats to help you get rid of danger!
The puzzle elements of The Beggar’s Ride aren’t the most challenging, but they’re a fresh approach with the god powers. You simply tap and hold on the beggar to activate god powers, and it’s an engaging sequence when you do. The platformer portion of the program has relatively standard portions, but there are a few drawbacks. There are either touch controls, or an on screen joystick, yet neither allows for the greatest precision. The game lacks a true flow to the character, so you can often miss where you’re trying to jump to. Also, the game is relatively slow moving, so the platformer aspects are tedious and drawn out. It feels like you’re moving through quick sand at times, and stumbling with the imprecise controls doesn’t help.
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