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Have You Tried These 3 Best Mobile Games?

Published: 2016-09-06 18:35:57 | Clicks:23 | Author:

There are numerous mobile app games launched on app store, including actions and arcade categories. Here we are going to introduce you three best mobile strategy games for both ios and android platforms: One More Jump game, Samorost 3, and Lumines: Puzzle and Magic. If you are looking for a exciting and addicting games, then you can try these high-ranking games! Below are some brief introduction of the 3 games!
1. One More Jump. It might look like a throwaway arcade blast, but there's actually a good deal of meat on the one-touch bones of this challenging platformer. It starts off easy, but pretty soon you'll be tapping your phone frantically to try and avoid the obstacles it hurls in your path. There's a neat progression system, plenty of levels, and the monetisation is smart enough that it won't annoy you. Seriously, give this one a try. And keep close here for the latest One More Jump review!
2. Samorost 3. One of the finest adventure games has finally made it to iOS. It's a beautiful experience that everyone should get their mucky fingers on. It's whimsical, non-verbal, and pushes you to explore and figure things out for yourself. Also it looks stunning. Seriously, someone give Amanita more awards.There are puzzles to solve, things to look at and go “ooh” at. And it's surprisingly challenging too, like all the best games should be.
3.Lumines: Puzzle and Magic. A game that doesn't really need any introduction. A clever mix of Tetris and some smashing techno beats, this latest version of Lumines is every bit as shiny and delightful as its predecessors. Clear blocks, listen to songs, and make more music as you get deeper into the game. It's a wonderful way to spend a few banging hours.
So which game is your favorite one! Here we will provide you the latest news and reviews for the most popular mobile strategy games. One More Jump cheats will help you improve your performance!