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Great Tips and Tricks for Marvel Contest of Champions: Standard attacks

Published: 2015-07-21 16:30:18 | Clicks:42 | Author:

In previous articles, we have shared many cheats for mobile games. Today, we will continue give you some suggestions about how to play Marvel Contest of Champions better! Now some guides for standard attack are provided here! Read on!
 If you are an advanced player of Marvel Contest of Champions game, you’ll know the basics of light, medium and heavy attacks. What you’ll learn over time is that each has a few extra uses.
- Light attacks are the perfect response to an enemy who is dashing towards you. You’ll stop them in their tracks and give yourself room to let off a combo.
- Medium attacks double up as dash attacks - use one of these to close the gap on an enemy but bear in mind the risk: you’ll be open to a well-timed response, and the larger the distance, the higher the danger. Medium attacks are also great for starting combos, but a second medium attack will always finish off a combo and push your enemy back slightly, usually giving them space to retaliate.
- Heavy attacks take a second to ‘charge’, leaving you vulnerable to counters in the meantime. However, they are unblockable if they land. If the space between you and your foe is less than one full dodge, a heavy attack will usually close that gap and knock your enemy down.
One sneaky tactic is to double-dodge away from your foe, charge a heavy attack and wait. If they dash towards you, wait a split second and release the attack - they will run right into it. Rinse and repeat, but stop as soon as they have a special stored.
Most heavy attacks can be countered by either dodging back and responding with your own heavy, or dashing in and striking before the heavy is released. In addition to these instructions, you can also find app games download for free here!
If you dodge a heavy attack, you’re usually safe to dash in and punish your foe, - but watch out for characters with sneaky multi-hit heavies like Starlord, Deadpool, and Gamora.
Just read the guides above carefully and take advantage of them to improve your performance in the battle! You can also check out the tips for level and rank up heroes in Marvel Contest of Champions! Except for these top free strategy games, some app store game reviews is also provided!