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Glow Monsters Game: Eat Cubics and Beat Maze

Published: 2015-08-26 11:23:53 | Clicks:32 | Author:

Try the latest app store games! Except for the ios version Happy Wheels, Glow Monsters is also worth your playing. This puzzle game is featured with beautiful glow graphics and classic gameplay. Just like most mobile strategy games, Glow Monsters game is A Pac Man inspired arcade game. You can download it from app store now and challenge your brain now!
In this game, you have to give the monsters slip and eat all the cubics. You will move in the maze and turn a series of “bridges” to avoid monsters and eat the cubics. There are various monsters with special skills stopping you. So use all your wits to slid over the monsters and explore more areas! Find more Glow Monsters Reviews here!
There are in total 100 levels on 6 planets, which means you will encounter a great many tasks in this Glow Monsters game. What you can make use of are 2 buttons: one is for changing directions, and other is for spin the bridges. So are you ready for the challenges? Here we highly recommend you stay tuned for the Glow Monsters tip update here and better your gameplay experience. At the same time, we will add more free mobile games and mobile video games here! Don’t miss any of them!