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Get High Score With Professional Dan The Man Tips

Published: 2016-10-10 15:56:17 | Clicks:59 | Author:

You must know the importance of mobile game cheats if you like to play mobile games. Are you looking for a professional site for game app cheats? If so, appgamenews.com must be your best choice. Here are some dan the man cheats for you. Read the following parts for more details. 
1. Save your coins for upgrades!
It might be tempting to buy some ranged weapons in mid level shops, but resist the urge! It's better to save your coins for your skill upgrades in dan the man game. If you're in a bind and you need a pick-me-up, you can buy some food to restore your health.
2. Utilize your entire skillset!
Some of your moves are better suited for taking out specific enemies. For example, a charged Power Attack can pierce right through the goons that have shields. Take advantage of all of your moves to take out enemies efficiently!
3. Beat up all enemies and explore!
At the end of every level you will gain points depending on how many enemies you defeated. Try to beat them all up for a better score! Also, once you've cleared an area of enemies, try exploring and looking around before you move on. As you learn during the tutorial, there are secret areas hidden around. They contain lots of treasure and healing items, so it's worth your time to look for them.
It is easier to get high core with these dan the man tips. Appgamenews.com can offer you free mobile game download of dan the man ios if you haven't played this amazing game. BTW, there are many top free strategy games at our site. Hope you can enjoy your game time!