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General Guides of Crystals for Marvel Contest of Champions

Published: 2015-06-23 18:20:00 | Clicks:100 | Author:

We have introduced you the guides and tips for unites, leveling up, and combo and so on. Today, will help you get a better understanding of Marvel Contest of Champions game in Crystals. In order to better your performance, check out the most effective guides for mobile strategy games!
- Play and win Versus matches to get Versus crystals. They reward you with gold or Battle Chips. Battle Chips can be spent on an Arena Crystal, which gives you a chance at getting a four-star Champion.
- You will earn a crystal every four hours of game play. It rewards you with consumables.
- Log in daily to get a free crystal. It rewards you with a two-star or better Champion. More Marvel Contest of champions cheats can be found at our website!
- Premium Hero crystals can be purchased with Units, the game's premium currency. These crystals will always result in a two-star Champion at the minimum.
- The purple crystals collected during quests have a variety of rewards, but the most common is ISO-8.
What’s more, we will update more Marvel Contest of Champions tips online. Hope you can stay close here! There are many various mobile video games offered, and don’t miss them!