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Free Game Cheats For Dan The Man Game You Should Know

Published: 2016-10-12 16:31:18 | Clicks:60 | Author:

There are various kinds of games in mobile game marketing. Which kind do you like best? There is no doubt that different people have different answers. You can't miss dan the man game if you like to play racing games. Dan the man cheats and dan the man ios are also available at appgamenews.com. Take these tips to heart once you start playing the game!
1. Use The Hit-And-Run Maneuver
While you can use the stock combo to take care of smaller, less troublesome enemies, you'll want to use another move when dealing with more than one enemy, especially if they're tough ones. Use hit-and-run tactics when you’ve got three enemies or so in your way, or if you don't feel like running away, use the down kick to give yourself more leeway and knock an enemy or two back. Once you get the advanced grab ‘n’ throw upgrade, you can “weaponize” enemies against each other by throwing one enemy and hurling them into another. But regardless of how you choose to play this game or the mode you prefer, using a lot of hit-and-run tactics could help you last longer.
2. Experiment With Combos
One key to success in Dan The Man is utilizing and stringing together the right kind of combo. Don't hesitate to experiment with your skills, as you might luck out on a combo that works well in dispatching of multiple enemies quickly. One of the combos that appear to have worked the best is the high kick and uppercut combo, provided you have both unlock. Use the high kick to jump in an enemy’s direction, while keeping in mind that this move can also take care of enemies that are on the ground. Once that kick lands, edge toward the enemy, grab them, and hit them with an uppercut. This will allow you to do 60 damage points, though there are other combos you can try – if you find something that works for you, then try to unleash it whenever possible!
3. It Doesn't Matter Which Character You Choose
Although the graphics in this game are better than your average “casual” arcade title and the gameplay more intensive than others, there's really no difference regardless whether you play as the male hero (Dan), the female hero (Josie), or the custom hero. It’s all up to you, as they all have the same statistical attributes, which is basically none in particular. It's all about how you play the game, and how you distribute the upgrades. And speaking of upgrades, keep in mind that you cannot share upgrades between characters, and that you have to buy upgrades specific to each of the game’s characters. Hence, you’ll want to focus on one hero instead of spreading your upgrades out to all three if you want to save money and get the most out of your chosen character.
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