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Flappy Golf 2 Cheats - Use These Tips to Better Your Score

Published: 2016-10-20 11:46:58 | Clicks:54 | Author:

Try the challenging Flappy Golf 2 game now! Control and flap the ball to score a hole-in-one every time! The less taps you use, the better your score will be. To obtain better score, you need more patience and practice while playing. Of course, there are some tactics you can make advantage of to help you score better. Now, check out the Flappy Golf 2 cheats update below and enjoy the game!
- Make a plan before every move! Plan your move before going ahead and using up all your limited taps. Remember, the less taps you make, the more points and game currency you earn.
- Watch out the gaps collecting those eggs! Collect eggs whenever you can, but fall off or flap too much just to get them. Eggs are just for upgrading your golf ball’s appearance and are mostly there to distract you. It is much more important to finish each level in as few taps as possible to finish with a golden star. You can always replay a level to get those eggs.
- Take advantage of the slopes! Overshoot a little to hit a slope if you need to push your ball to reach the hole. This will help you save on moves and earn golden stars. Most holes are surrounded with sloping walls, so you might as well be good at making the golf ball roll to the hole.
- Do daily missions! Check out new races that you can participate in when you log in every day. You can gain eggs from winning these races. Invite your friends for a nice random game of fancy golf and compare stats! This game looks simple but it can get really challenging later on. There are plenty of practice opportunities for you, just don’t be afraid to try various game modes to get a feel of the game. 
- Don’t press too long! Successive short taps will help you propel your golf ball in a regular upwards direction. On the other hand, less frequent taps will take your ball in a horizontal direction. Take note of the pressure and the duration of your taps or press as these will affect how the ball will jump thereafter. Just make sure to tap as few times as possible to earn those coveted stars.
- Search for the shadow flags! Finish a level by going through the shadow flag to earn extra eggs! Each level has a dark flag near the finish that you need to spot. It’s always fun to discover the secret openings to these areas, so make sure to replay over and over until you do. Take advantage of this for bonus points and items.
- Reset your momentum! Do this by sticking to the walls! Some levels have zones that let you cling to them for a moment to recover your momentum and to change from an upwards direction to a lateral one. Take advantage of level features like sticky walls and gravity fields to help you get your ball to the hole.
 As a fan of the Flappy Golf 2 free game, you may have figured out some tips and tricks to play this game faster. Hope you can learn something from this post! Moreover, we will continue to update more free game cheats at our site. Keep in touch if you are addicted to various mobile app games!