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Farming Simulator 16 Guide: General Farming

Published: 2015-08-13 18:14:05 | Clicks:61 | Author:

If you want to play the latest app store games, you can find some best new ios games at our website. We are offering you some mobile game industry news and ios game cheats for various categories of app games. Today, we are going to give you some suggestions for Farming Simulator 16 game general farming. Read on if you are interested!
- Make liberal use of assistants. It costs roughly $1 of in-game cash per second when you have an assistant using your vehicles, but it saves you so much time it’s easily worth the price. You can certainly do everything yourself, but if you add a couple of assistants to the mix you can harvest, cultivate, and sow a single field at the same time - just make sure you leave enough space between vehicles or you might cause a pile-up.
- Assistants can be used for more than just working fields. If you’re in the middle of harvesting and you need to unload a tipper, you can attach a tractor to it and have an assistant haul it over to your silo for you. They can also sell your grain if you tell them where to go (hint: the location highlighted in blue pays the best). They can also refill sowing machines and fertilizer spreaders, refuel, and even take your vehicles to get washed. Most of these actions are contextual and can be triggered by pressing the Hire Assistants button, but you can also open up the map and direct them from there using the Functions icons at the bottom of the screen (drive, refill, refuel, and wash).
- Top everything off when you have some downtime. Your assistants will automatically refuel the vehicles they’re driving and refill any attached tools that might need it whenever they run dry. But if you refuel/refill yourself (or make an assistant do it) in between tasks, you’ll save a bit of time in the long run. Besides, you can check out the Farming Simulator 16 gameplay for free and enjoy the game!
- Cruise control is a less effective but cheaper alternative to assistants.  It’s not a real replacement, but if you pull up on a vehicle’s throttle all the way it will keep going forward until you slow it down - or until it crashes. You can use this to line your tractor or harvester up, turn on the attached tool, and pretty much sit back while it does its thing. Then once you reach the end of the field you can turn it around and repeat the process. Just keep an eye on it so you don’t end up in a pond or something.
- Store unused tools in nearby empty fields. The fields you don’t own aren’t actually in use, so feel free to dump your stuff there when you’re not using it. It’s closer, faster for your vehicles to gear-up, and just generally more convenient.
- Can’t tell if a field is ready for harvesting? Check the map! Any fields you own that have been planted will show up on your map with a green icon depicting the seeds planted in them. When they’re ready to harvest, those seed icons will change to yellow.
- Check current prices before attempting to sell your grains. You can see how much each grain type is selling for (and at which location) from the Prices option in the menu (its next to the map button). If something isn’t selling for a whole lot, wait a bit and the price will eventually start to go back up. Conversely, if the price has skyrocketed then sell, sell, sell!
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