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Excellent Empires & Allies Cheats for How to Get More Energy

Published: 2015-07-28 16:56:22 | Clicks:99 | Author:

You must have read many Empires & Allies cheats before, and now continue! We are professional in offering latest app game news, free mobile game download and videos. Here, top mobile strategy games like SimCity BuildIt, and Crossy road are displayed with high score gameplay video as well as the most useful tips and tricks updated! Today, you are going to read some guides for how to get more energy in Empires & Allies game!
In Empires & Allies, you need to build your Empires by Coins, Wood (Lumber), Energy and Empire Point, and some need hiring your friends. Example if you want to build small Island Hut you need only 10 woods and 3 energy but if you want to build a Small Cottage you need 600 Coins and 60 Woods and 3 energy. Definitely these posts can help you improve your performance in the game, and just stay here for more free game cheats!
But if you play Empires & Allies you will always get Coin and EXP, and you can create Wood (Lumber) with Lumber Mill (200 Coins). The only resource you will need too much is Energy because we use energy in every action, Create Building, Harvest, Cut a tree or Fight. Maybe an Island hut will need more energy for every harvest (3 mins) that’s a reason to destroyed it and build the bigger one.The Empire will restore your 1 energy every 5 minutes but you can go to your friend Empires and help them harvest or cut a tree, you’ll get back an energy or buy it from market with Empire Point.
When you get stuck in Empires & Allies, don’t hesitate to come to this site and find the best way to get through! At the same time, we highly recommend you keep an eye on our updates for more mobile app news and app games download!