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Enjoy Raid HQ Game With These Professional Guides

Published: 2016-05-24 17:03:43 | Clicks:20 | Author:

Do you want to be the master of Raid HQ? If so, you come to the right place. appgamenews can offer you many top free Raid HQ cheats that can help you play the game better. Checking more details in the following parts. By the way, there are many others top free strategy games on our site. 
In the last article, you can know the importance of upgrading your base in Raid HQ game. In addition, you should know how to select the heroes for your team. The game works based on a rock – paper – scissors mechanic, meaning that some troops are strong against a type of troop and weak against another, so it makes sense to select the heroes that get some sort of bonus against the enemy you're facing. So first go to the map and launch an attack – the ones in the campaign are free, so simply tap an island you want to attack and look at the colors of the weapons and buildings you're about to face and simply bring in heroes that are strong against that type of enemy.  
If you don't want to do that, having a balanced team (as many hero colors as possible) is the best approach, but if you really want to ace it strategically, it's better to create your teams based on the enemies you're about to face, especially because some offer squad bonuses or enemy penalties. 
Besides that, upgrading your heroes is also very important. There is a ton of heroes available in the game and, of course, the rarer ones are better. However, you can upgrade them all if you have the cards and there is a possibility that more common heroes will be just as useful as rarer ones if they are of a high enough level. You should have in mind that if you constantly get cards for a specific hero which you don't necessarily like, he or she might still get better than the ones you're using if they are of a higher level. So always try to find the balance between smartly upgrading heroes and keeping the ones you like in your team.
All in all, hope you can enjoy your game time with these free game cheats. We will keep on updating the many others professional apps game cheats for you. In addition, the latest Raid HQ reviews are also available here. Stay tuned!