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Enjoy Lara Croft Go Game with These Tips

Published: 2015-09-01 17:58:07 | Clicks:20 | Author:

Lara Croft Go game is a very popular game in mobile game marketing now, you can check and make download via our website. More tips and cheats for playing this game also will be updated here. Except for Lara Croft, we also provide other hot mobile games apps, such as Ski Sarafi 2 and Breakneck ect. Wish you will like these games and enjoy some good time. Right now we would like to introduce some tips for playing Lara Croft Go.
More Lara Croft Go strategy will be listed as below:
Swipe to Move, Swipe to Live
One of the earliest mysteries to solve in Lara Croft GO (assuming you figure out how to tap on the “GO” symbol on the title screen to launch the game) also has one of its simplest answers. You move Lara through each stage by simply swiping in the direction you’d like her to go. One swipe, one move.
Sine she’s an experienced adventurer, she can climb walls and hang from ledges with the best of them, so you needn’t worry about elevation changes. If there’s a diamond to mark the next space with a line connecting it to your current location, you can reach it.
There’s no hurry, at least in any of the stages we’ve played to date, so take your time before each swipe. In later levels you’ll encounter obstacles and enemies that move one space every time you do, so it’s wise to plan out every move.
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