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Enjoy Game Time With Top Free Dots & Co Cheats

Published: 2016-08-04 16:48:33 | Clicks:14 | Author:

There are various kinds of mobile games in mobile game marketing. According to some researches we can know players like puzzle games and RPG best. Today, I want to highly recommend you an interesting puzzle game named Dots & Co. Appgamenews offer you free download of Dots & Co app.
Dots & Co has a few tricks up its sleeve. Namely, you can match up dots round corners, as well as in a straight line. You can't match them diagonally, but being able to go round corners immediately boosts the options open to you. As soon as you clear some dots, the board drops all dots down accordingly. Remember this – it's ideal for when you're trying to line things up just so, in order to achieve a great move the next turn.
Aim for forming squares or rectangles at all times. By creating a square, you clear all the other dots of the same color. It only counts if you join the square together though, so don't forget to do that! Combine swirly dots as often as possible in Dots & Co game. These turn all surrounding dots into the same color as them, making it easy to form squares or rectangles.
Dots & Co keeps it quite simple, but you need to be aware of the two numbered bars at the top of the level select screen. The one on the left is your energy meter. You need three doses of energy to play a level. Once you complete a level, you get some energy back. One star means one dose of energy, two stars mean two, and three means you get all three doses of energy returned to you. Obviously, you want to try to get three stars at all times then you'll never run out of energy.
The bar on the right involves cogs. It deals with special powers. You can use it to boost the abilities of your companions, ensuring they're at maximum power right from the start. You can also use it when you run out of moves. It'll add five extra moves, as well as boost your companions. Heads up though – this is a lot more expensive than simply boosting your companion before playing.
Anyway, hope you can enjoy game time with these Dots & Co cheats. By the way, there are many top free strategy games at appgamenews.com. Top free game cheats are also available here. Come and have a try now!