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Enjoy Game Time With Professional Dan The Man Tips

Published: 2016-10-13 14:27:33 | Clicks:45 | Author:

Do you know dan the man game? It is one of the most popular mobile games in mobile game marketing. You can get dan the man ios free download at appgamenews.com. In addition, dan the man tips are also available here. 
1. Use All Your Skills
As we'll be explaining later on in slightly greater depth, Dan The Man is a game where your skills are the most important thing that could ensure your success in the game, and not anything else you can buy at the stores. As such, we suggest that you make the most out of your skillset, and know which moves are best in taking down certain types of enemies. For instance, those enemies with shields can be taken out with a Power Attack, once fully charged. There are others, as well, though it'll be all up to you to learn more about them and what they do.
2. Upgrades Are The Best Thing To Spend Your Coins On
While visiting the shops, particularly the mid-level ones, you may stumble upon a weapon or two that you like. The ranged weapons are especially interesting for many players, as that obviously allows them to take enemies out from a distance. But you will be better off saving up your coins and not trying to reinvent the wheel by adding new weapons to your arsenal. Instead, use your coins to buy skill upgrades, and keep your attacks as bare-bones and minimalist as possible, as your skills are what would matter the most when dealing with enemies. Aside from upgrades, you can also buy food to restore some of your health points in a pinch.
3. Try To Defeat As Many Enemies As Possible
It pays to be as aggressive as possible when chasing down enemies, because you'll get bonus points at the end of each level corresponding to the number of enemies beaten. Just think of what you can do if you take care of all the enemies – that could give you a pretty hefty bonus once everything is said and done.
4. Explore Your Surroundings
Don't rush on to the next part of a level once you've already taken care of all the enemies in a given area. Instead, try snooping around, because you just might get lucky and find something. The tutorial explains that there are secret areas in the levels, and you'll want to do some sleuthing around before pushing forward, as you might find healing items (very important if you want to last the long haul), as well as other goodies that could help you out in the game.
What are you waiting for? Download this amazing game and have a try. We will continue to tell you some useful dan the man cheats that can help you play the game well. BTW, many top free strategy games are also available here.