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Empires & Allies for iOS: Gold Cheats Updated

Published: 2015-07-21 16:39:01 | Clicks:110 | Author:

Best guides for gold in Empires & Allies game! Here you are able to find the latest app game news, app games reviews, and the most practical guides for various games. If you are a fan of the Empires & Allies which was presented by Zynga, you need to read our guides carefully. In this game, you are going to take a number of elements into consideration in order to build your empires and win the battle. You various structures can be upgraded, and you will command a variety of different unit types the go to invade the other’s base for victory and gold, the premium currency of this game. Here maybe the Empires & Allies cheats are helpful to you!
At the beginning of the game, you manage two basic resources fuel and supplies.
Oil Derrick will supply Fuel and store in the Fuel Stockpile
Then, you can get Supplies at the Supply Drop and it is also stored in the Supply Stockpile.
You can use Supplies to build and upgrade structures and defenses.
Later on, you will need more storage over production as well as gathering more Fuel and Supplies through single-player around the map
To get the most protections, you must take the first priority on building and defense then upgrade them On the other side, you will not need to build different kinds of structures to have a mixed fighting force. We would like to recommend you get the Empires & Allies download for free at our website!
In order to build base defense, be sure to mix weapons, as your enemies will not be coming at you with only one troop type.
All defenses will come along with their purposes, but the Domed Defense and Rally Flag will be handy as they are customizable provided you are of a high enough level. If you want to know more information about best games from app store, surely you just have come to the perfect website!
Here we will update more guides for mobile strategy games for both iOS and Android platforms. Just keep close if you are interested! By the way, don’t hesitate to contact us for mobile game marketing!