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Empires & Allies Game Cheats You Should Never Miss

Published: 2015-07-08 10:27:36 | Clicks:311 | Author:

Want to be become the top player in Empires & Allies? If so, try to find some practical strategy guides for mobile strategy games here! We are offering you some basic Empires & Allies cheats to help you win the battles easily. Read on!
Resources are everything- In Empires & Allies, you’re mostly focusing on fuel and supplies. Fuel is supplied by oil derricks, while supplies come from supply drops.
At this stage, supplies are slightly more important - Supplies enabling you to build and upgrade structures, so focus on that a little bit for now.
In both cases, always favor storage over production- You can easily chip away at a mission to earn more resources, but you’re always limited to how much you can stash away.
Focus on achievements - Gold is earned from a few different ways, but achievements are a particularly good way of going about it. Focus on completing as many of those as possible. Some of them really won’t take long to do.
It’s expensive, but save gold to put towards a second engineer- That way, you can build and upgrade things twice as efficiently. Now, the Empires & Allies game is available for free download at our website. Don’t miss it!
Create a confusing base - Treat base building like a form of puzzle for your opponent. Make it convoluted and tricky to negotiate.
Join an alliance as soon as you can- You have to build an alliance building to do this, but it doesn’t cost too much. Being part of an alliance means you can share resources and speed up each other’s building work. Plus, it can be fun to work together.
Set up defenses to weaken attacking forces - Place plenty of towers and land mines amongst this puzzle, to weaken your enemies before they get to anything important.
Place walls extensively in order to slow your enemy down - Wall off towers for maximum efficiency and watch as your guns mow down enemies stuck amongst the defenses.
Have you got Empires and Allies download? Well, start your battle. We hope you remember these tips while playing the game. What’s more, various categories of mobile video games are provided!