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Empires & Allies Cheats for Cannon Building in Mission 7

Published: 2015-07-27 16:51:52 | Clicks:67 | Author:

At this most professional website, there are different types of best free app games available. You can easily get free mobile game download and find some practical guides and mobile videos. In previous articles, we have mentioned many useful tactics about how to attack and build a solid defenses in Empires & Allies game. Today, we strongly recommend some tips for Cannon Building in Mission 7”Build an Additional Barracks and Construct 2 Cannon Artillery.
For this mission, you'll be introduced to the creation of new military units. You'll need to buy a new Barracks from the store for 200 coins and 20 Wood (Barracks are found under the Military tab). As you might have expected, this building too requires three whacks to construct. Once it's done, you'll be able to click on the Barracks to see a menu like the one below, where you can choose which type of military unit you'd like to create. For more Empires & Allies cheats, please stay tuned for more updates in the following articles.
For the purposes of our mission, choose the Cannon Artillery in the top right corner. This unit costs 200 coins to create, and it will take five minutes to complete. For finishing this mission (even if you don't actually wait the five minutes for them to be created), you'll receive 200 coins.
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