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Empire & Allies Cheats: General Guides for Attacking

Published: 2015-07-09 11:38:15 | Clicks:98 | Author:

In Empire & Allies, you are tasked with designing your army, deploying modern weapons and joining alliances to defense and attacking unites. Want to save the world from GRA? If so, you have to learn to how attack smartly! Today, we are going to offer you some basic guides for attacking in such kinds of mobile strategy games!
Plan accordingly, both in terms of what troops to use and in terms of where to strike first. Aim to take out enemy turrets before anything else.
Learn what troops work best in what scenario - For instance, rangers are particularly effective against spider drones, while the Striker VI armored vehicles work well against aircraft. Learn more about Empires & Allies cheats at at our websites!
Timing is everything - It’s not always wise to drop all your troops at once. Eking them out and unleashing the strongest first, before releasing the weaker units is often a better idea.
Deploy your troops carefully- Once your HQ is Level 4, you can place troops one a time rather than en masse. It’s important to learn when this is the most effective method of deployment.
Use your command points well - If you place gunship attacks or missile strikes between multiple structures, you can sometimes take out enough buildings to immediately use another strong attack like it. Make full use of these cheats for Empires & Allies game to win the battle!
Flares are essential - Use flares to redirect your troops, especially when they’re coming under fire from turrets.
Keep an eye out for barrel caches - Attacking barrel caches can create a chain reaction of explosions, sometimes taking out a huge amount of an enemy base without requiring much firepower. 
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