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Don’t Miss These Top 5 app Games for iOS & Android

Published: 2015-09-19 17:15:08 | Clicks:29 | Author:

Top app store games are highly recommended! Many interesting and addictive mobile strategy games are released and we are here to give you some suggestions, like Cave Swing game, Order & Chaos 2: Redemption, Hop Hop Away, Rush Hour: Subway Sliders, Braveland Pirate and so on.You can choose your favorites by means of reading brief introduction of these mobile apps games. Read on!
Cave Swing - Falling into a cave is never fun, but things quickly change when you discover that the cave is full of diamonds. Swing from side to side and collect as many diamonds as possible. Unlock awesome characters with unique abilities, but whatever you do, do not hit the cave walls. We will update some Cave Swing tips regularly at this website. Hope you can follow the Cave Swing cheats to improve your scores!
Order & Chaos 2: Redemption - The destruction of the Primal Heart led to a cataclysmic event that destroyed the world, with the heroes dying one after the other. Evil had won and retreated temporarily. 600 years after these events, the world once again flourished and heroes began to be reborn into this new world — in their quest to save it from the coming evil and redeem themselves.
Braveland Pirate - The Braveland trilogy concludes with the most exciting book of all, number three – welcome to Braveland Pirate strategy game! A crew of pirates led by Captain Jim embarks on a search for the Eternal Treasure. Hordes of undead, chests full of gold, devious pirate captains, and breathtaking adventures await you in the Free Islands.
Starseed: Origin - Pilot the Starseed and perform bombing runs on massive dreadnoughts in the depths of space. Each vanquished dreadnought brings a new Starseed form and new weapon types.
Hop Hop Away - Solve each level’s puzzle to help them venture into the world away from the EVOL circus. Fill up the happy meter as you progress in the game, strategise your moves wisely while you navigate through the interactive world’s objects and don’t forget to eat the treats in the right order to unlock portals into a secret world!
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