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Do You Want to Know How to Get Heroes Charge Best Heroes

Published: 2015-07-09 19:04:33 | Clicks:40 | Author:


According to the official data, Heroes Charge beomes one of the most popular games in mobile game marketing. Many players are addicted to Heroes Charge since they played it once. Every player must want to be the master of this game. Here are some useful heroes charge cheats that can help you. 
There are three type of heroes in this game. Front heroes, central heroes and back heroes. You have to improve your front heroes to protcet central and back heroes because front heroes have higher HP than other heroes. Besides that, front heroes can absord the melee damage from enemies. 
Central heroes have pure damage skills. Your damage output will be increased if you upgrade central heroes. Most of the back heroes are range and agi type. There are only five back heroes, each of there skills are unique and it has different effects to the enemies. 
Equipment is very important to your heroes. Your heroes could be stronger if you have more rare equipment. Try to get a healer into your party it can have a HUGE, permanent impact, which can really help sustain your party during tough battles or during the arena fights.
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