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Dig out Stars Underneath in Starlit Adventures Cheats

Published: 2015-11-20 17:14:15 | Clicks:270 | Author:

Starlit Adventures Gameplay (Free) by Rockhead Games is an action-packed adventure platformer that is charming and plenty of fun for the whole family. If you enjoyed mobile strategy games like Pocket Mine 2, Doug Dug, and Puzzle to the Center of the Earth, then you will like what Starlit Adventures Cheats has to offer.
Starlit Adventures Features:
Console quality content for a memorable experience.
Lots of levels in 8 worlds, each one with new challenges!
Unlock all suits with unique special powers and play in different ways!
Otherworldly bosses guard the end of each world and will do anything to stop you.
Rich visuals, beautiful story and unique characters.
Sticker album to complete and trade stickers with your friends!
Great controls specially designed for touchscreen.
Rank against your friends by collecting all treasures and making insane combos!
Visit the infinite Tower and try and go farther than your friends.
Open up challenges and unlock many more levels!
Sync your save game progress on any device using Facebook login.
As I mentioned before, the artwork/graphics in the game are quite impressive. What I like about it is that the level design is varied and the color palette continues to change. The in-game enemies continue to change, but they are adorable in their own way. The whole feel of the Starlit adventures online just seems spot on from the level design, controls, story and music. This is a game your whole family can enjoy playing.
And today I would like to share it with you. With creative best ipad apps games, good 3D graphics, clever control and reasonable level process, Starlit Adventures video has been sought after by players. It is an original adventure-platform game specially designed for mobile, you will explore hours in its huge world unless you lost five lives.