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Deus Ex Go Cheats Updated for Coming Weekend

Published: 2016-08-26 17:05:13 | Clicks:4 | Author:

Hey, guys! Weekend is on its way to us. Are you ready to enjoy amazing two days? Or have you made a schedule for them? If not, we would like to refer playing with mobile strategy games, you can enjoy all by yourself, also can share with friends! The most popular games are available on our website, like Deus Ex Go game, and we will keep updating free cheats for them.
Check the below cheats to play Deus Ex Go ios better:
.Human enemies head in your direction one node at a time when you land in their line of sight. They then turn around and go back to their starting position if they don’t see you anymore. They’re invincible while they’re moving. You can kill them from the side or back when they’re standing still.
•Little robots stand still and only attack you if you get one node in front of them. You can kill them from the side or back.
•Walking mechs just walk in a straight path, one node at a time. They’re not deceived by invisibility, but you can attack them from the side or back and, oddly enough, from the front sometimes.
•If an enemy has yellow sparks in his head and the node around him becomes red when you enter a terminal, it means that you can’t hack through that path. Also, any walking enemies like that will interrupt a hack if they walk on the line.
Hope these Deus Ex Go walkthrough will give you more chance to win and enjoy the game. We will keep updating more useful information via our website. By the way, if you want to have a try with more other mobile video games, do not miss Appgamenews! We always are ready for you!