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'Clash Royale' Tips: How to Help Beginners Attack and Win Battles

Published: 2016-03-08 11:46:51 | Clicks:25 | Author:

As you know, Clash Royale game has been released in the U.S and is quickly rising to the top as one of the most popular mobile strategy games. I believe that you have played it. Is it fun? In order to succeed in this game, players will need to build a formidable deck, improve on strategy and use good offensive and defensive tactics. Today we will share with you some tips and strategies to help beginners advance in the game.

In "Clash Royale," the game's main currency is Gold. They can be obtained through treasure chests earned from winning battles or free chests that arrive every four hours. Instead of using gems and buying chests from the Shop, players can work around their schedules to ensure that they can collect as many treasure chests as possible. For example, be sure to collect before going to bed or during break times.

If you’ve seen Clash Royale review, you may learn more about how to attack and win battles. During battles, it is very important for players to manage their resources wisely. First, players will need to allocate their Elixir effectively given that they max out at 10. Players will have to determine whether putting out Elixirs will help advance the battle or whether the other player can easily trounce it. Players have to be patient to wait for the elixirs to reach their full potential before attacking. It is also important to be aware of time during battles. During the last 60 seconds of battle, Elixirs are produced twice as fast.

Players will also need to learn how to prioritize. In battles, players will have to destroy their opponent's King Tower. Allow the competitor to wreak havoc on the outer towers if it means that getting closer to the opponent's King Tower. Also, be patient, as waiting for a bit longer will allow players to do more damage. If there is a chance of winning the battle, do not be afraid of going out on the offensive during the final moments of the game.

For "Clash Royale strategy," it is also crucial to build a very diverse deck. Having troops with different skill sets will allow one's deck to take on more enemies. Players should also familiarize themselves with their different cards – their strengths, abilities and weaknesses. Mastery over the cards will definitely help players advance in the game. An optimal combination of units will allow players to produce unbeatable combinations.

Hope these Clash Royale tips be useful for you! Now "Clash Royale" is free to download on both iOS and Android devices, just enjoy your game! Besides, appgamenews.com not only offers lots of other top free strategy games for you, but also more game cheats, tips, strategies are waiting for you!