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Chromatic Souls Game is Available on Ios and Android Now

Published: 2015-11-20 16:09:35 | Clicks:128 | Author:

Chromatic Souls Game, as you all know, has officially launched worldwide on the App Store and Google Play. If you are a Chromatic Souls fan, how much dou you know about it? Chromatic Souls, as one of the top free strategy games, will bring more amazing and fantastic experience and surprises. Just focus on our website!

Here we will share with you some information about Chromatic Souls.

Chromatic Souls is a turn-based adventure RPG filled with challenging single-player adventures and thrilling multiplayer raids, stylized with a captivating dialogue and vibrant visual effects.

Players begin by creating a team of heroes, with each member having one of four roles: Tanker, Attacker, Supporter, Mage. Each type of hero has distinct active and passive skills, which players must leverage to form the strongest team. In addition to taking each character’s skills into account, players must also use the turn-based system to their advantage and tactically deploy each action or attack.

In the solo mode, players journey through Maldrago to discover the cause of rising unrest in the land, fighting hordes of malicious creatures. As they gain equipment and EXP, players can further customize and strengthen their teams by enhancing their weapons, armor, and skills. In addition to individual battle stages, Chromatic Souls ios has over 100 dungeons ranging in difficulty and rewards.

When not entering a dungeon, players can also send characters on expeditions to acquire EXP, gold, and equipment. Chromatic Souls also features real-time boss raids, in which players join with friends to face raid bosses and receive more rewards. Chromatic Souls’s multiplayer functionality adds yet another layer of strateg as each player must use their teams effectively to achieve victory.

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