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Cheats for Playing Super Stickman Golf 3 Game

Published: 2016-07-13 15:40:44 | Clicks:8 | Author:

Super Stickman Golf series is back with better game design, it will introduce new courses, plenty of fun new power ups and collectibles, modes, and fun new multiplayer options. Want to have a try with Super Stickman Golf 3 game? Feel free to check and make download via our website. Except for this one, we also offer other free mobile strategy games, you definitely will find what you like here!
The useful cheats for playing Super Stickman Golf 3 ios will be provided as below:
Don’t worry about the Bux!
Bux is the premium currency of the game and the courses will hide them around various holes. Be on the look out for them, but also if you manage to get all of them in a course you will receive an experience bonus. However, just keep in mind that the bux are usually in very hard to reach, out of the way places. In fact, some of them are even purposely placed over water hazards to make sure you suffer a penalty! With that said, it is usually better to not worry about the bux if you are going through a course for the first time. Just focus on getting your score under the par. You can always revisit the course later.
Save your Bux for card packs!
You can spend your hard earned bux in two different ways. You can either spend some to level up your golfer, or you can save up to purchase a card pack. Leveling up unlocks new courses for you to tackle, but the thing is you level up naturally by just completing the courses and objectives. The latter option is much more valuable. Save your bux to buy card packs, as card packs contains incredibly helpful hats, power ups, and sometimes they will even have experience point cards!
We will keep updating more Super Stickman Golf 3 cheats or other related information via our website. By the way, if you want to enjoy more mobile video games, feel free to check and challenge yourself!