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Cheats for Playing Puzzle Craft 2 Game Better

Published: 2015-09-17 18:22:06 | Clicks:73 | Author:

Puzzle Craft 2 game now is very popular in mobile game marketing with the interesting game design and great features. You can check and make download via our website. We have provide a brief introduction for it earlier time. Currently we would like to introduce some cheats for it. And if you want to play other free mobile games, remember to focus on our site!
Some tips for playing Puzzle Craft 2 ios game will be listed as below:
Pick a single goal to focus on
Puzzle Craft 2 introduces a lot of new features that weren’t included in the original entry. This time around, you’ll have to manage three types of puzzle boards, three currencies, challenges, achievements, and selecting which types of puzzle tiles to use. These options can be overwhelming at first, even to experienced kings and queens. Pick one goal—whether it’s a specific building you want to create, challenge you want to complete, or puzzle tile you want to unlock—and work towards that. Don’t get bogged down trying to complete multiple goals simultaneously. Sometimes they will work in tandem—like if you’re trying to collect turkeys and pigs—but often you’ll need to pick tiles that will support your current goal—like a tree that gives veggies instead of chickens, if you’re trying to get soup.
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