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Cheats for Playing Deus Ex GO Game

Published: 2016-08-25 16:45:40 | Clicks:7 | Author:

Hey, guys! We have introduced interesting Deus Ex GO game via our website, have you tried to play with it? If not, it is available to make download right now! Except for this game, we also got other popular mobile strategy games, like Pokemon go, MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY game etc. And we will share more useful infromation about Deus Ex GO for today!
Free game cheats for Deus Ex GO ios provided below. Check to enjoy the game:
•Everything counts as a move. Hacking a terminal counts and so does using the cloaking augment. So be careful not to waste a move. Sadly, there’s no undo button if you make a mistake.
•The cloaking augment makes you invisible for the next step. On the second step, you become visible again. To use the cloaking augment, tap on the blue icon in the upper right hand corner and then on your character.
•To hack a computer terminal, stand on the spot and then tap your character. The screen will zoom out a bit and turn gray. While it’s like this, you can draw a path from the terminal to a turret or special floor panel. But there needs to be a clear path available. If a path from another terminal is blocking it, you won’t be able to reach it. This mechanic can be used to make a turret shoot an enemy in its line of fire, or disable the turret so it doesn’t shoot you. It can also be used to fill in missing floor panels.
Hope these Deus Ex GO walkthrough will help you play better with this interesting game. And other popular mobile video games also are available on our website. Check to enjoy your time!