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Cave Swing Game High Scores Tips

Published: 2015-09-25 10:38:47 | Clicks:8 | Author:

If you are a fan of mobile strategy games like Chambers Chaos and Impossible Cave, then you should be very familiar with the game publisher Appsolute Games who is famous for launching the simple action games. One of the most hottest mobile app game Cave Swing is not an exception. The simple gameplay methods and beautiful artwork have attracted the attention of many players. 
Cave Swing game is a nice app game which not only provides players with a great fun, but also make them easily feel frustrated. Control a miner in a cave by a rope, avoid the dangerous rocks, and collect diamonds. Find the best timing to tap the screen so that the miner can swing in the cave. The amplitude of swing will be determined by the tapping occasions and holding time. So want to achieve the high score? If so, find the perfect time.
Remember to hold the screens wisely! Don’t touch the rocks, or you will start over. This Cave Swing game requires some physics knowledge. If players hold the screen too long or too short, they will fail! If you play it for several times, you can accumulate some useful Cave Swing tips!
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