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Cave Swing Brief Introduction, Reviews and Guides

Published: 2015-09-22 12:11:00 | Clicks:26 | Author:

Cave Swing is one of new popular mobile app games on app store, and the beautiful flat artwork and colour palette has appeal massively those who are looking for best game apps for ios. Launched by Appsolute, Cave Swing game is an optional choice when you are searching for simple mobile app games
Basic guides for how to Cave Swing: Swing from side-to-side and try to collect as many diamonds as you can. You start as a potato looking caver (possibly from Yorkshire, we’re not sure) and there are 9 characters to unlock with unique abilities. As you fall, touch and hold to throw your rope to hook on to the centre rock hanging down, let go to release and collect a diamond before hooking back on, oh and avoid the sneaky bats that put in an appearance every now and then.
The first few swings will probably see you slam into the cave walls but as you start to master the way of the rope, each successful diamond collection sees your satisfaction levels start to rise, timing is everything. You have a limited amount of time to collect each diamond, which made my first character upgrade an easy choice. Collect 1000 diamonds and Lady Explorer gives you 20% more time to collect each diamond which is very handy. You can either unlock other characters that give extras such as less bats and more diamonds for 1000 diamonds or the quick and easy IAP, except for Rich Man, an IAP only character who doubles your diamond value. Surely there are some Cave Swing cheats which can help you get higher scores!
A 10 diamond combo (no swinging twice at a diamond or it sets you back 0 on your run) throws you into the bonus cave mini game filled with diamonds, you have an impulse to fire you in the direction where you see the biggest cluster of diamonds. Looking at the top scores in game centre. Maybe you have accumulated many Cave Swing tips after play for several times.
Cave Swing is an excellent game in which you can challenge your eyes and reaction capability. Of course, like most app games, it is a perfect choice for entertainment when you want to kill the time. Or you can also have fun together with your friends. By the way, don’t miss the mobile video games for free!