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Build Away! - Idle City Builder Guides, Tips and Tricks

Published: 2016-06-20 15:50:45 | Clicks:61 | Author:

Welcome to appgamenews.com! Here we are providing you best app games recommendation, free app game cheats, news and guides. Build Away! is a new city-building game. In this game, you are tasked with building cities, upgrading your buildings and adding more power to them. Your main upgrade is the construction upgrade. Here we are going to give you some advice for Build Away! tips to help you better your gameplay experience!
- Tap the heart button to unlock the ability to swap out buildings. If you swap one building for another, you’ll earn love, and this also allows you to swap out lower-earning buildings for rarer, higher-earning buildings. Love gives you profit boosts of 4 percent per love that you have, and you can buy love upgrades in the in-game store.
-  Hit the blueprint button to go to the in-game store and spend coins and love. The coin upgrades and the love upgrades will give you specific effects across the entire spectrum of buildings, such as doubling profits or increasing the effectiveness of love. Don’t spend love until you have enough of it that spending it won’t put a dent in your overall profits. More Build Away cheats will be provided at our site! Keep close here!
- Tap on the ice cream delivery button to watch a video. The video enables 4 hours of double profits. Once the profits run out, go back and watch another video to start them back over again. You can also connect on Facebook to get profit boosts and gifts from your friends, as well as to send them.
Now, Build Away! - Idle City Builder is available on both ios and android platforms. You can install it to your mobile devices and start to build! What’s more, there are various categories of mobile app games available here, so feel free to find out your favorite games now!