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Bubble Boost for How to Get High Score

Published: 2015-09-22 12:07:00 | Clicks:15 | Author:

Find the best cheats for ios games! Bubble Boost is a new tap game in which you have to tap to inflate a bubble and collect balls to chase high score. How can you get the top score? Here we are going to share with you some basic Bubble Boost tips below. Hope this post can give you something useful!
In Bubble Boost game, the bubble is rising upwards through a series of different sized tunnels and you have to tap to inflate it enough to grab balls dotted near the tunnel walls. Be careful you don’t overdo it though as if you inflate too much you’ll get stuck and it’s game over.
Occasionally, you’ll run into items other than balls on the tunnel walls and if you collect these you’ll get a decent boost to your score. Remember that the more bubble designs you unlock, the higher score you will get. So try you best to achieve the highest score. It is really a tough game worth you trying. Now, the Bubble Boost free download is available at our website. So install it to you phone and start to play!
If you enjoyed Flappy Bird or Agar.io, then you will definitely love this Bubble Boost game. When you are looking for simple and addictive action mobile strategy games like Can you get 11, you can try this new Bubble Boost. By the way, there are many other top free strategy games available at our website. Feel free to check our website and find your favorite ones!