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Bubble Boost Game Goes Available on App Store

Published: 2015-09-24 10:33:15 | Clicks:8 | Author:

One of top free strategy games, Bubble Boost is available on app store. Are you get ready to be addicted to it? In this game, you are tasked with reaching the highest score. How about using you good reaction capability to incisive insight to become a top player? Here we are going to give you some brief introduction about the gameplay! Read on if you are interested!
In Bubble Boost game, you tap to inflate a bubble that's constantly rising through a series of different-sized tunnels and collect balls dotted close to the walls. Be careful you don't inflate too much though - if you get stuck it's game over. It's not just balls you'll collect though. Occasionally, a different item will be dotted amongst them and if you manage to grab it you'll get a sizeable score boost. Now you are able to get Bubble Boost free download and start off!
In addition, There are a variety of different designs for your bubble and you unlock more as you achieve higher scores which gives you even more incentive to grab every ball and item you see. After play several times, you will definitely accumulate some Bubble Boost tips to be better!
We bet you will love this excellent mobile app game once you play! By the way, you can check out other categories of top free strategy games available on app store like Who Can Get 11, Cave Swing, and Call of Champions and so on. Now, find your favorite mobile strategy games and have fun!