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Brief Introduction of Real Boxing 2 CREED

Published: 2015-11-20 17:24:28 | Clicks:103 | Author:

Do you know Creed? It is an American sports drama film and it is the seventhRocky film. Now, here is the official mobile game of the movie CREED™ I want to recommend to you. That is Real Boxing 2 CREED. It is one of the best new games apps on iTunes this week. You can get free mobile game download of real boxing 2 creed ios at appgamenews.com. Besides that, our site also offers you the latest real boxing 2 creed review
You act as Adonis Johnson in Real Boxing 2 CREED. You can  experience real boxing on the box ring, punching, kicking, blocking your opponent. Besides that, you can also challenge an elite of boxing champions and players from around the world in single and multiplayer gameplay across hundreds of exciting events, story fights, and tournaments in a never-ending Career Mode.
As in its predecessor, you tap and swipe in Real Boxing 2 Creed to release devastating punches, jabs, hooks, uppercuts, and combinations thereof through special moves and focus abilities. You can get some training tips from Sylvester Stallone. You can often be seen gesticulating mildly in your corner during fights and throws gems in your general direction. 
What do you think about Real Boxing 2 CREED after reading this article? I guess that many people can't wait to download this game and have a try. Keep your eyes on appgamenews.com if you want to know how to get high score. We can offer you many best free real boxing 2 creed cheats