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Boom Beach Defensive Strategy: Making a Good Layout

Published: 2015-07-14 14:38:03 | Clicks:50 | Author:

In boom beach game, there are mainly three things that we need to do for defense: defensive buildings, layout and HQ position. The layout is the most important. Thus following we will teach you how to make your layout in boom beach.
The key for planning your layout is to make sure that all of your defenses are far enough apart. If they are too close, then the enemy can damage many of your structures at once with a single Artillery bombardment from their Gunboats.
Think about the strengths and weaknesses of the buildings. Make sure if a building has a weakness, a counterpart with a strength in that area is close by to assist when necessary. Generally you want all your buildings as close together as possible without being susceptible to splash damage.
You also have a decision to make on whether to include your economic structures next to your HQ - some players choose to have their HQ with all their defensive buildings around it and effectively allow the enemy just to attack their other structures first. Most lower-level players will go straight for the HQ - and it means you haven't wasted any of your defenses on the less-important economic buildings. If your Vault is high level enough then even if the enemy destroys much of your economic buildings, the impact to you won't be too great.
Finally, make sure that you level up your defensive buildings as much as possible. Some of the early defensive structures really come into their own at the higher levels, and you shouldn't just build the most recent thing you can. Remember too that you can move buildings once you have placed them. Watch the replays of what people have done to get past your defenses, then move things round to plug the holes. The key to a good defense is being adaptable.
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