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Boom Beach Defensive Strategy: Choose a Correct Base Type

Published: 2015-07-15 16:07:11 | Clicks:182 | Author:


As is known to all, defensive buildings is very important for boom beach game player to defense the black evils, and there are different base type in different levels. In the meantime, the various base type has it’s own strengths and weakness. How can we build a correct base type in different levels?Following we will give you some boom beach tips to help you.
Dock Base
Recommended for around Headquarters levels 1-9
For the lower HQ levels, the best place is to have your HQ on the right edge of your base, next to your pier so that it is easier to protect with lower level defenses. 
-makes it hard for attackers to avoid any defenses
-limits flanking
-defenses close together so that they work together
-economy and support buildings in front allow some easy energy gain
-no defenses behind HQ which makes it easier to destroy all defenses before going at HQ
C Bases
Recommended for around Headquarters levels 10-20
For the mid-level HQs, it's better to have your HQ in the center.
-economy and support buildings placed around base to make it less advantageous to destroy them for energy
-only one main path of approach
-mines harder to avoid
-Fewer buildings in front of defenses to allow them to get more shots off before attacking .
troops can get to them
-some defenses avoidable
-some economy and support buildings in front (depending on layout), allowing some energy gain
Corner Bases
Recommended for around Headquarters levels 13-20.
This type of base is built to defend against Smokey Warrior attacks. The HQ can be placed all the way in the corner once you unlock HQ level 13.
-defenses between HQ and corner of map cannot be shocked without immobilizing the Warriors
-funneled approach makes it harder for attackers to avoid Mines and Boom Mines
-limits flanking
-long run for Warriors
-HQ in back means opponents will use more time to get to it, possibly running out of attack time
-economy and support buildings in front make it easy for attacks using strategies other than Smokey Warriors to get easy energy which makes this base type strong against Warriors, but weaker against most other boom beach strategy
-flamethrowers behind the HQ are rendered useless against any troop type other than Warriors
Beach Bases
Recommended for around Headquarters levels 16-20
This base type is designed to make it very hard for any attack strategy to get Gunboat energy from support and economy buildings. All of the defensive buildings are placed right against the beach, and all non-defensive buildings are placed in the very back. 
-very hard for troops to get energy from support and economy buildings
-limits flanking
very strong frontal defense
-many mines leading to HQ also make Warrior rushes difficult
-great Rocket Launcher and Boom Cannon coverage
-If attacker does not try to flank, Boom Mines are unlikely to come into play
-shorter path for Warriors to run
Hope above content about base type can help you have a good defense in boom beach . By the way, there are other mobile strategy games and mobile app news free provided on our game site, check out it at your free time.