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Boom Beach: Attack Enemy Islands with Your Force

Published: 2014-09-22 15:11:56 | Clicks:100 | Author: mobile strategy games


There is a lot of fun in playing Boom Beach. Of course, some helpful tips and strategy will be quite helpful for you. When you start off, you should know some tips as below.
First, collecting sources is quite important. The resources you gather are vital to getting anywhere in Boom Beach. Early on, you’ll mainly be dealing with wood and gold. Diamonds can be used to fill up the gaps left behind by lack of wood or gold, but they’re much more efficiently used to speed up timers on things that have long waiting times. And iron will play valuable roles in upgrading buildings. What’s more, you should remove as many trees as possible. It’ll cost 600 gold a turn but you’ll gain 300 wood in exchange, thereby making it much simpler to afford those all-important building upgrades.
Second, building base. At first, try to focus everything around your HQ and keep your HQ upgraded as frequently as possible. Remember stay as far away from the shore as possible so it’ll take your opponent a while to get to you, giving your defensive towers time to strike back. Of course, keep your resources and radar as safe as possible. If you’re still struggling for wood, a sawmill upgrade or two could be very handy. Build as many residents as possible to ensure gain gold steadily!
Third, know your troop, you should carefully place riflemen, because they are cheap but very weak. You can use Heavies to cover riflemen and redirect them with a flare. Note that keep Zookas away from danger. At the same time, be sure Warriors use melee attacks, and provide some cover from when there is a heavy. Remember use all tanks and you’re practically indestructible. Medics should never be at the front of the charge. By the way, Tanks and Heavies are the best to use in conjunction.
Last., War is Hell. Scout the enemy base. Adapt your forces to accommodate their defenses. It is important for you to destroy the enemy’s HQ to win. And Flares are vital in these instances, enabling you to direct troops to specific targets. You should know that Artillery fire is great for destroying mines. Use up your gunship tokens.  Surely, quite often, enemies are going to win. Don’t be too disheartened and learn from their victories. You can watch replays to see where it all went wrong and where your base is lacking some much needed firepower.