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Bloons TD 5 game is of the most challenging iphone game news

Published: 2015-08-25 16:55:55 | Clicks:43 | Author:

Bloons TD 5 game is one of the most challenging iphone game news in the market today. It can be frustrating sometimes especially on the expert map and the newly-added extreme maps. Co-op play is, unfortunately, exclusive to the version of Bloons TD 5 cheats hosted on developer Ninja Kiwi's website. You also have to play through the first ten levels of the game before unlocking co-op, which is sort of a letdown. But hey, monkeys and balloons, right?
Here's something you don't see every day: a browser game with online co-op support! Ninja Kiwi has taken the ever-popular Bloons TD 5 strategy  and included a two player online co-op mode, complete with loot sharing and four new levels. At its core, Bloons TD 5 is a casual tower defense game, only instead of towers shooting arrows and creeps running around, it's all about invading balloons and monkeys throwing darts.
“Bloons TD 5 isn’t just a great tower defense game on the App Store – it’s a great tower defense mobile free games download, period,” “Build awesome towers, choose your favorite upgrades, hire cool new Special Agents, and pop every last invading Bloon in the best ever version of the popular tower defense series.” Here in this article, I will show you the easy steps to get past the annoying first 46 rounds of Bloons Tower Defense 5. This guide may or may not work on your end since it still depends on the reaction of the player when and where to put the road spikes in case some bloons slipped through your defense. Bloons TD 5 video delivers hours and hours of fun, challenging play to fans and new players alike.