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Bike Unchained game is a high paced racing adventure

Published: 2015-10-30 11:06:40 | Clicks:80 | Author:

Bike Unchained game a free mountain bike game published by Red Bull Media House, launched today on iOS and Android devices. Full of killer tricks, awesome freestyle action and insane stunts, Bike Unchained is a high paced racing adventure where players become their favorite mountain biking athletes and race the world’s terrain for a spot on the podium. Bike Unchained tips is a high paced racing adventure - it’s the evolution of mountain biking on mobile strategy games!
Pay attention to the green lines on the track. These will let you know when you should be flowing and when you should let go. As a general rule, whenever you see downhill slopes you should be flowing; if you see inclines or any kind of upward change, you should let go to preserve your speed. Getting the timing down on perfect flowing is key to fast times!
Players can earn credits to upgrade their gear. One can also get tips on doing tricks for even more points. The app also changes the time of day, so that courses never feel repetitive. The app also lets players customize their own music soundtrack to play in the background. Shred sweet trails, get the coolest Bike Unchained game, build your crew and travel the world’s mountains riding against your ultimate rival - Team Praedor - as you battle for a top spot on the podium.
The best things about Bike Unchained is its super easy to learn controls, high quality 3D graphics and its ability to play online and offline. You can download the hot new game at the link down below, or check out the gallery and/or mobile video game for a closer look. Visit appgamenews.com Bike Unchained cheats. Click on Bike Unchained video. Enjoy!