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Bigfoot Hunter Cheats: How to Complete More Levels ( II )

Published: 2015-11-18 14:02:36 | Clicks:16 | Author:

Yesterday we shared with you part one about Bigfoot Hunter Cheats, and now we will continue to tell you the rest of part. I believe that you must wanna to know the complete tips of it, so don’t worry, here we will offer part II about bigfoot hunter game tips.

Firstly, how to earn combo bonuses?
Do you want to add to the money that you’ve already earned? You can do this by bagging combo bonuses, which take place when you take photos of two or more consecutive animals, or if you can get two animals in one photo. Don’t hesitate if you see multiple animals in your camera’s view, as that could earn you some nice rewards in the process!

Secondly, take part in the challenge levels.
Challenge Levels are the purple-colored levels, and are a fantastic opportunity for you to earn additional coins. Some of these are time-based challenges that let you snap as many animals as possible within a given time, others are accuracy-based, meaning you’ve got to capture as many animals as possible with the limited shots you get.

Thirdly, earn coins at the bigfoot Museum, and Pick Up / Show Off evidence.
You can show part of this proof, meaning the photos that you’ve taken can be shown off at the Big Foot Museum. Your exhibits can earn you extra money that way; simply tap on the “Tap to View Exhibits” option and tap on the coin icons when they appear on your screen. Every few hours or so, you’ll also see a bag of coins, which you should definitely tap on for a ton of free coins. We suggest turning on your game notifications so Bigfoot Hunter can tell you when the bag of coins is available to claim.

Have you ever done this before from your bigfoot hunter reviews? As an additional tip, the evidence items you gather in the levels can also earn you money via coin bonus. These items drop at random, but if you’re able to take perfect Sasquatch photos, or snap the beast quickly, the chances of getting new evidence items increases. It’s also a good idea to gather multiple examples of the same type of evidence for even better coin bonuses.

Fourthly, upgrade your Camera in the right way.
Tap on the Camera icon on your home screen, and you’ll see the possible upgrade points, namely Number of Shots, Shutter Speed, Reload Time, and Reticle Size. The latter would be the most important to upgrade and to max out, so you can improve your chances of capturing smaller creatures. Number of Shots comes next so you can take more photos before reloading; once the reloading screen appears, you’ve got no choice but to wait it out before your next photo session! Reload Time and Shutter Speed come next in that order, though if you don’t mind waiting in between sessions, you can always reverse that order.

Fifthly, buy a new camera.
From bigfoot hunter video, the Camera Shop has a host of options if you want to improve your gear, but as most of them can cost you tons of coins, you’ll need to check all of their stats and check all the categories before you make your purchase. we recommend cameras in the Monster Cams category, which hold lots of photos.

Finally, replay old levels and challenges.
As you need a vehicle, which will cost you coins, to unlock a new region, you can farm for coins by replaying previously completed levels and Challenges. You can also use Exhibits to raise funds for your next vehicle, or use Bigfoot Bait (for attracting Sasquatches) to get a Bigfoot level at random and allow you to capture more Sasquatch photos and gather more evidence.

These are all guides about how to complete more levels. You can acquire lots of experience of it by our tips step by step that we offer you. By the way, if you want to get more top free strategy games , our shop will offer you free mobile game download and game cheats. Just enjoy!