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Best Marvel Contest of Champions Tips Updated: Win the Battle

Published: 2015-06-08 17:44:17 | Clicks:104 | Author:

Marvel Contest of Champions can fulfill your superhero dream. In this game, you are working alongside the mysterious Collector to gather a team of the most popular Marvel heroes. You must create an all star team to work your way through numerous battles, going up against the team of Kang the Conqueror. It is very simple fighting game, and you will get unique excitement and heart pounding nervousness while battling. As for Marvel Contest of Champions cheats for how to win the battles, here are some methods to improve your performance in the game.
 The combination attacks are very unusual and very different to other fighting style games, in most games combination attacks are typically chained attacks that go uninterrupted, but in Marvel Contest of Champions, combo attacks are actually a whole lot more easy to complete. 
Even if the enemy attacks you right in the middle of your attack chain and you’re able to successfully block any attacks they make, your meter is sustained and you can fulfill your combo. This is definitely something you’ll want to take advantage of as combo attacks will do the most damage and will lead to the swift end of your fight. You may want to practice blocking attacks if you’re hoping to make this your strategy in all of your fights, but if you aren’t too confident, it’s okay to mix it up too. You can check out the Marvel Contest of champions tips at our website to better your skills!   
When buying new crystals to get new heroes, don’t go for the really expensive ones just because you’re more likely to get a hero with more stars, remember you can upgrade your heroes with ISO-8 rather than spend your precious credits, the more you play the game, the more ISO-8 you’ll end up collecting so you can work on upgrading your favorite go to hero.
Moreover, you have access to various categories of top free strategy games online. You can choose one of your favorites to have fun. And we hope that you can take advantage of these strategy guides for Marvel Contest of Champions game!