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Be The Game Master with Top Free Raid HQ Cheats

Published: 2016-05-26 14:53:50 | Clicks:13 | Author:

Are you looking for a professional site for mobile games cheats? If so, appgamenews must be your best choice. We can offer you many top free cheats for mobile games. What I want to share with you for today are some useful Raid HQ cheats. In addition, there are many others top free strategy games on our site. 
How to unlock PVP
You need to repair the PvP Carrier, which costs 20,000, so you will be able to get it unlocked once you Upgrade your HQ to level 3 (and upgrade your Gold Storage as well). Don't hurry to do it, though, because before you unlock that, you can't be attacked so it's best to max out everything before unlocking it and therefore unlocking PvP, where you will lose resources.
Don't forget to build up your defenses too
Apart from the defensive turrets that you have in the game to protect your HQ, tapping the HQ itself gives you two options: to request troops from your clan mates (so joining a clan is a must to increase your defensive chances) and to build/upgrade your mech, which is the big Robot that players will battle at the end. Make sure you request troops and also upgrade your Mech in order to do better in the game!
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