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Battleplans online Launches Worldwide on iOs Devices

Published: 2016-05-30 16:33:35 | Clicks:10 | Author:

Real-time strategy game Battleplans Review has finally escaped soft launch and gone worldwide, and it's well worth checking out. Like many mobile games, it feels like has the DNA of other titles – Clash of Clans and Tactile Wars come to mind here. You engage in short-form battles, as you try to capture enemy crystals, while warding off their defenses, gaining rewards to build up a bigger and better army. What's interesting about the defense part is that as you unlock more units, you can start to set up ever more complicated defense mobile strategy games to help ward off your online opponents.
Battleplans sets itself apart from other RTS titles by using simple, intuitive controls that allow players to focus on making quick decisions in the heat of battle instead of navigating endless menus. The game also separates battle decisions from planning decisions, so players don’t have to master both aspects at the same time while also dealing with the pressures of PvP combat.
Key features for Battleplans include:
Real-Time Tactics—Make decisions quickly that turn the tide of battle.
Competitive Play—Dominate the map. Plan, attack, and defend on your schedule.
Intuitive Controls—Easy to learn and fun to master. Quick-thinking beats quick fingers.
Plan Your Battleplans strategy—Choose from a mix of unique heroes and units for both attack and defense. Click on mobile video games Enjoy!