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Battle supremacy tips the sci-fi sequel to the hit WWII combat simulator

Published: 2015-11-03 15:51:56 | Clicks:51 | Author:

Battle Supremacy: Evolution Game is the sequel to Atypical's battle supremacy review. Where the original was set during World War 2, this one is set in the not-too-distant future. In Battle Supremacy: Evolution, players have access to over 100 single-player missions which come in seven types. These include races, team deathmatch scenarios, convoy protection missions and more.
Atypical best android apps games today announced that Battle Supremacy: Evolution, the sci-fi sequel to the hit WWII combat simulator Battle Supremacy, is playable now on Apple TV, as well as iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac. The game features highly intuitive futuristic combat between two warring factions, and favors spectacular futures capes and fantastical transforming vehicles over the muddy battlefields and gray-scale tanks of humanity’s past. Players can find Battle Supremacy: Evolution on the App Store.
Unlock all the transforming vehicles and take part in epic battles across different sceneries ranging from a top notch, clean environment paradise city through a post-apocalyptic Doom land. Act as a tank, a drone or an airplane, Battle it out in this riveting game, packed with lush landscapes and destructible environments. Drive or fly through futuristic cities with suspended highways and gigantic bridges.  Get Battle Supremacy Cheats at appgamenews. Enjoy game battle supremacy videos.