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Battle supremacy tips the World War II combat simulator Battle Supremacy Cheats

Published: 2015-11-05 14:08:41 | Clicks:11 | Author:

Atypical Games has announced the release of battle supremacy tips, the sequel to the World War II combat simulator Battle Supremacy Cheats, on iOS app game devices. This sequel takes players to the future, where they’ll defend cities using transforming vehicles that can take the forms of tanks, drones or planes.
Thanks to some rather impressive looking visuals, it’s fairly satisfying watching as you blow something to smithereens. You have manual control over a machine gun style weapon, moving the reticule around with one finger, while homing missiles are the real force to be reckoned with here. These involve waiting for a red square to surround your enemy before you hit the relevant button to fire them. In each case, you’ll feel good about lining up a shot just right, even in the heat of battle when you’re often surrounded by enemy vehicles.
Besides the campaign mode, Battle Supremacy: Evolution also offers online multiplayer. It’s a fairly enjoyable experience too, when it works — although as always, I’d be cautious about how active the community will be later on its release. Your main reason for buying this should be to enjoy its meaty combat and impressive visuals, even if you’ll soon be a little annoyed at those cumbersome controls. What could have been a fairly fun top free games for android vehicle shooter is all too often limited by such irritants.
In addition to single-player gameplay, battle supremacy review offers three multiplayer modes, including Capture the Base and Team Deathmatch, for five or more players.