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Basic Guides for Playing Bubble Boost Game

Published: 2015-09-21 18:09:43 | Clicks:41 | Author:

Welcome to the professional website for mobile strategy games! Here not only can you know the top app store games, but also you have chances to get the most practical strategy guides for various categories of top free strategy games. Today, the basic Bubble Boost tips are provided at this site!
First, you should know that Bubble Boost game is a one tap high score chaser in which you have to help a bubble navigate a series of tunnels while collecting balls.
Your bubble automatically rises through a tunnel which constantly shifts in size. You have to tap the bubble to inflate it and swallow the balls located near the tunnel walls, being careful not to grow so big you get stuck. Occasionally, you may come across a different item among the bubbles and if you collect it your score will get a hefty boost.
You unlock different bubbles based on your score so you'll want to try and swallow as many balls and items as possible each time you play. It's not easy though. Bubble Boost poses a fair challenge and will be loved by those who enjoyed Flappy Bird. Impressively, Bubble Boost has already been featured in the App Store over 338 times in 100 different countries since launching three days ago.
So far, Bubble Boost free download is available, and you can try to play! We bet you will most people will love it! A the same time, we suggest you stay tuned for mobile video games and free app game cheats provided. Don’t miss any of them!