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Basic Guides for How to Cave Swing Game

Published: 2015-09-21 18:23:11 | Clicks:11 | Author:

When you start play one of the top free strategy games, Cave Swing, you should have a better understanding of this game. Below we will give you some suggestions for this interesting app game. What’s more, more Cave Swing cheats will be provided here! Read on!
In Cave Swing game, A sway that pays. Just execute well-timed presses as your character swings from side to side to grab the jewels. Making small miscalculations are okay, although, do not hit the cavern walls.
Bling, bling - Those who show an expertise, never missing a target, will reap extra rewards by bouncing around the bonus chamber. However, don’t forget to re-anchor and swing upon exiting. We are adding more Cave Swing tips here and you can follow them to better you skills!
Create a party - Expand your collection of cute personas by using your success to unlock a variety of other characters, each featuring unique abilities.
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