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Awesome Guides for Empires & Allies Game

Published: 2015-07-15 14:56:11 | Clicks:42 | Author:

If you are a beginner player of Empires & Allies, you need to read carefully the strategy guides in this article. App game news is the best site for offering you mobile game download, free games videos, game app cheats and strategy and so on. Here you are able to get the most effective guides from some best player. This Empire & Allies game is a strategic and addicting game which requires a logical thoughts and good luck. Here, some awesome tips are provided below!
Empires and Allies Guide for Invasion. The Empires and Allies game focuses on battles and blood. Instead of cuddling the enemy, you beat them up. Winning is part of the equation. If you want to know how to win battles in empires and allies, then you are in luck.
First you have to know your enemy. When you know the enemy, you can win. That is the only way that you can get ahead in the game. You have to outsmart the enemy. This is the way to do that. First you must watch their health level. When the yellow bar appears, you should be set for battle.
Look at the icons above the heads of the units. Choose units that are able to beat the enemy. That means that they should be strong in an area that the enemy is weak in. Build a strong army and go defeat the enemy. Attack using one unit at a time. The volleys should maintain the upper hand while doing this. Then all you have to do is finish each battle elatedly. To win this game all you have to do is to use this strategy to defeat the enemy over and over.
Knowing how to win battles in Empires and Allies is a simple matter of study, gather and attack. It is fun and simple to do. You just have to repeat this step over and over to gain the victory over your opponent. 
Now, you can get Empires and Allies download for free here! And remember that it is such an addicting and strategic game, so follow our free game cheats to improve your performance in the game. Besides, there are so many other mobile strategy games available! Come and find you favorite ones!