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Are You Ready for the Challenging Game - Bigfoot Hunter

Published: 2015-11-13 10:26:36 | Clicks:22 | Author:

Bigfoot hunter game is becoming more and more popular in mobile strategy games while you can find many of bigfoot hunter cheats and reviews in our website. However, when seeing the challenging game, what are you thinking about? Are you ready for the wonderful game? Appgamenews will help you get related game news that you need.

The adventure of a lifetime awaits! Travel from Bigfoot National Park to the Sasquatch Shores as you track down the fabled beast and all his wild friends. The game calls back to the Nintendo 64 classic, Pokemon Snap, in which you try to position the view finder and snap the photo at the right time to capture a specific Pokemon. In Bigfoot Hunter video, you have the same idea as you drag the view finder with your finger, and then tap the capture button to try to snap photos of various wildlife, including Bigfoot.

Bigfoot Hunter is free to play as your photos earn coins to restore the museum. And in our site you will get more news for bigfoot hunter reviews There are two forms of currency that are tied to camera upgrades, and unlocking new regions. It can be a grind to earn enough for camera upgrades as well as the hefty unlock prices for each new region.

Peer through your device into a magical land of Bigfeet, full of wild creatures and hilarious surprises at every turn!

Perfect your photography skills and put your hunting instincts to the test as you track down Bigfoot, Yeti, Sasquatch and more!

Jump into the Bigfoot Photobooth and take ridiculous photos with your furry new friends!

Are you ready to become a real life Bigfoot Hunter Ranger Rosie needs your help! Bigfoot Hunter is a fun challenge with a well executed theme and style that is well worth picking up. What are you waiting for? Come to our site to download the game, and we will provide professional service for you. While we offer lots of other free mobile game download .