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5 Empires and Allies Tips and Cheats for You

Published: 2015-07-10 11:11:12 | Clicks:116 | Author:

In previous article, we have introduced you the best guides for attacking in Empires & Allies game. Today, some tips for building base, setting flag and designing army are offered! Appgamenews is a professional site for offering top free strategy games downloads, guides, cheats and gameplay videos. Read carefully the Empires and Allies tips and enjoy your game now!
- Build Your Base. Your base is the puzzle you get to design for your enemies. Defend your base with guard towers, landmines, artilleries and more. As you build your base, your XP level increases and acquiring enough XP will allow you to upgrade your headquarters (HQ). The HQ is the central command structure for the entire base. Its level dictates what units and structures can be built at the base.
- Set traps for your attackers by building dome units or strategic rally flag placement. As you level up, you can change your defense weapons under each dome. Enemies who come charging with tanks will be surprised to find a Tactical High-Energy Laser (THEL) emerge from the dome, which is devastating against large ground attackers. Replace the THEL with a domed aerial defense to surprise helicopter attacks. Don’t chop down all those trees! Placing a rally flag for commandos or spider drones behind trees can fool attackers who don’t scout your base with a fine-toothed comb.
- Set Rally Flag Defenses. You can change your rally flag defense based on opponent attack strategies. Are you constantly hit with tanks? Set a rally flag for Spider Drones to take down enemy vehicles. Place commandos to defend your base from aircraft. More Empires & Allies cheats are offered at this page, so keep close if you are interested!
- Design Your Perfect Army. Build up your army and defenses from the arsenals of today’s militaries. Players start off with Rangers – an all-purpose fighting force made up of Riflemen, Rockets and Medics – and unlock tanks, attack drones, Tomahawk missiles and more as they level up.
- Rock, Paper, Spider Drone. Different troops have different strengths and weaknesses (use your Rangers to attack Spider Drones or use the Striker VI armored vehicle to take down aircraft), and you get to choose which army will best help you win.
In addition, you can get Empires and Allies download for free here! If you love this kind of mobile strategy games, then Empire & Allies is definitely perfect for you! We are providing you with many other app games news and strategy. Just have fun with it!